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Painting as a Pastime

I have owned this book for a while but was reminded of it in reading a graduation speech. We usually don’t think of Winston Churchill in any field but politics and war. Yet a little known fact is that he was an avid painter, not beginning the hobby until forty years of age, but continuing […]

A Collection of Orations from Homer to M...

Some years ago I bought this 25 volume set of books at a used book store. It is full of great speeches from history including many English and American statesmen. I have finished six volumes and would love to get to the rest, but life is only so long. Volume six has Washington’s First Inaugural […]

Leisure: The Basis of Culture

This is mostly a philosophical book and so may be difficult to read, yet it is the kind of difficult read that yields much harvest. This book calls for an individual to pull away from the frenzied life of working, planning, and doing in order that they may engage in leisure. What is so piercing […]

Fools Rush In Where Monkeys Fear To Trea...

I found Trueman as an author not long ago and have thoroughly enjoyed him.  I read this delightful book on my Kindle, then I bought two hard copies and have given them both away.  Carl Trueman is an Englishman by birth and now teaches at Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia.  He is typically Reformed in his […]

How Successful People Think

 This book was loaned to me by a friend who is a avid reader (along with a number of other things to read).  I’ve not been a big Maxwell fan because I always find him more secular than sacred.  But we probably should read more things like this in our “spare reading time.”  It made […]

The Intolerance of Tolerance

The topic of tolerance is a significant issue in today’s world. Carson here provides a very helpful introduction into the discussion, a helpful critique of the “new tolerance,” and a Christian way forward. The basic idea is that what used to be tolerance was simply acknowledging someone else’s right to different beliefs or practices. The […]

Popes & Bankers

The sub-title to this book is: “A cultural history of credit & debt, from Aristotle to AIG.”  I was given this book by a friend and I found it quite interesting.  I think everyone ought to read something in this field once in a while.  Cashill starts off explaining the laws of usury in the […]

Shepherding a Child’s Heart

I always have my eye out for really good Christian living books, and my interests these days include Marriage, Family, Music, Children, and Youth since I deal with those things on a daily and weekly basis.  Wow! It’s tough finding any practical, conservative, biblical how-to reading!  However, Tedd Tripp has thankfully filled some of the […]

The Contrarians Guide to Leadership

Church leaders are so quick to pick up on ideas from the business world but just on the cute phrases and gimmicks.  They seem to have fallen in love with Collins’ ideas of putting people off the bus and offering to help them move to another that better suits their needs versus really being a […]