Author: Breese, David
Genre: History
Tags: Culture / Worldview, Democracy / Government / Politics

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

If you are a student of your generation, you will enjoy and profit from reading Dave Breese’s recent book. If you are equally weary of reading popular books on our present culture and coming away feeling full of fluff, you will enjoy this book! Rather than just giving you something to feel, the author gives you something to know and think about. He says, ‘‘the question is not a superficial intellectual exercise. No, indeed, for what we view as determining the nature of life in this world and what our response is to that nature is the cornerstone of our living.’’

I have summarized the seven historical men and their contribution to our generation as Breese gives them. Charles Darwin postulated that man did not come from God but from a process of natural selection. Karl Marx taught that society can best be governed without a theistic influence. Julius Wellhausen convinced men that there is no infallible record that God has revealed Himself to mankind. Sigmund Freud believed that all of man’s being is centered in his basic, sensual instinct. John Dewey taught that all knowledge is constantly changing. John Maynard Keynes influenced this country to believe that government takes the place of God and government owes us a living. Soren Kierkegaard leaped to the conclusion that the only correct theology is no theology.  Good book!

Quotes from this book:

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