Author: Koch, Kurt E.
Genre: Cults
Tags: Cults

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

The subtitle of this small book is “A Biblical Examination from A to Z.”  Koch (Th.D, Tübingen) lists cults alphabetically, but gives the most space to yoga.  In these pages he gives a list of yoga doctrines including:

  • Every bodily organ is related to the soul.
  • Every person has a physical and spiritual nature which strive with one another for pre-eminence. A harmony and union of these two natures is to be achieved through psychological exercises.
  • Man’s eternal self is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient.
  • Man’s eternal self is both transcendent and immanent; it is without beginning and without end, having neither birth nor death.
  • Material things are on a lower level than the mind, the intelligence and the spirit.
  • Yoga includes all branches of physics and metaphysics. Yoga implies a synthesis of the physical and the metaphysical universe.
  • Heaven and hell are the products of man’s mind.
  • Yoga is magic, mysticism, occultism.


Quotes from this book:

Kurt Koch on Charismatic

“In the same way as we find the New Testament talking about charismata, or gifts of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 12:9-10), so too, there exist demonic gifts which are, as it were, the charismata of the devil.” Kurt Koch, Occult Practices and Beliefs, p. 78.