Author: Elmore, Tim

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

This new book (2017) is a secular version of George Barna.  Elmore (who writes with Andrew McPeak, both secular educators) is describing generationZ, those who are born after 2000 i.e., after the millennials.  He points out that this generation is unique because of the technological world in which they have been born and raised.  They will learn a certain way, respond a certain way, think a certain way, and make values and morals in a certain way.  At one point Elmore will praise these young people for their capacity to gather and use information, and then at another point he will criticize them for their introverted view of self and life.  The book is full of good information about generationZ and also intersting illustrations about the way they think and live.  It is not a Christian book.  Seldom is reference made to the Bible.  It is sometimes easy and sometimes hard to make application to church or Christian school based on the author’s observations.  It does help the preacher or educator to know his audience better and think a little more about how to effecively speak to them.  It may also lead the speaker into unnecessary methodologies in order to please rather than instruct.  But this is the dilemma with the coming generation.

Quotes from this book:

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