Author: Blechman, Andrew

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

This is a 2008 secular book about the “Villages,” a super-retirement community in central Florida.  It’s author, Andrew Blechman, finds his neighbors retiring and moving to Florida to the Villages so he decides the make a visit there and see what it’s all about. The book cover describes this much, “Larger than Manhatten, with a golf course for every day of the month, two downtowns, its own newspaper, radio station, and TV station, the Villiages is only missing one thing: children.” In addition, the Villages covers 20,000 acres of land, two zip codes, and has over 100 miles of gold cart trails. I read the book while researching grandparenting. I would not recommend the book because of its often crude language and descriptions written from a secular point of view. Blechman does give the history of retirement villages in the US which is interesting. Unfortunately, these non-Christian places are full of drunkeness, sex, entertainment, and the like. Pretty sad from that point of view.

Quotes from this book:

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