Author: Pollard, Jeff
Genre: Theology - General
Tags: Culture / Worldview, Values / Manners / Morals

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

This book is made available through The Vision Forum, Inc. in San Antonio, Texas.  They offer many books and booklets directed toward American history and its Christian heritage.  In the Publisher’s Introduction, written by Douglas Phillips, these words conclude the thoughts:  “With winsome gentleness, but uncompromising boldness, Jeff Pollard helps modern Christians to understand the historic origins of our modern trend towards nakedness, and the implications of these trends on the people of America.  This is a critical book for any parent who hopes to raise his sons and daughters to remain morally pure in a culture that worships the flesh.”

Early in the book the question of legalism is addressed and settled.  This is not a question of pleasing God for salvation but of pleasing God in sanctification.  Our culture has given up on modesty and our churches aren’t far behind.  Concerned parents need to read this small book!

Quotes from this book:

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