Author: Tozer, A.W.
Genre: Theology - Ecclesiology
Tags: Church, Methodology, Worship / Music

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

Three Books By A. W. Tozer

I don’t know what you may like to read while you’re on a vacation.  I think reading nothing at all may be the best.  But this time I took three familiar Tozer books with me in hopes that I would be uplifted and drawn back into focus in my spiritual walk.  I was not left hopeless.  Tozer was an Alliance Church pastor until the time of his death in 1963.  His writings may seem a little pietistic, especially in regard to the voice of God, but they are still a deep well in a land of shallow cisterns.

The Knowledge Of The Holy is a study of the attributes of God before it became the popular thing to do.  He says that “millions of us” will live our lives “without once having thought or tried to think seriously about the being of God.”  “We save face,” he writes, “by thinking God down to our level.” The Pursuit Of God is a devotional walk, listening for the “voice of God.”  Tozer says, “we Christians are in real danger of losing God amid the wonders of His Word.”  He defines “Religion” as “The response of created personalities to the Creating Personality, God.”

Born After Midnight is an interesting critique of evangelical Christianity in this half of the twentieth century.  The title comes from the first chapter where he writes of prayer that is seldom out of the ordinary and never is born after midnight.  He writes of “stodgy pedestrian minds” who bring “inept productions into the holy place.”  “We’ll have defenders of the faith who can overawe their opponents with their logic and their learning, but we’ll be without prophets and mystics and hymnists.  We’ll have the bush, pruned and trimmed and properly cultivated, but in the bush there will be no fire.”  He wrote that in 1959!

Quotes from this book:

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