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The Sermons of George Whitefield

This sort of book is a really great way to reap the benefits of some of the great people in the history of the church. George Whitefield, an Englishman and evangelist, is best known for his preaching ministry during the Great Awakening of the 1700’s. Whitefield crossed the Atlantic at least seven times and had […]

Payson’s Sermons

I was given this older book by a friend who is always looking for good used books.  This book was compiled by Mrs. Payson after her husband’s death.  Payson was a Congregational pastor and educator in Portland, Maine.  This book is rare because it was published in 1828, the first date any of his writings […]

How Effective Sermons Begin

I thoroughly enjoyed reading a book on homiletics again.  I’m reminded how relevant these books are to us, regardless of how long we’ve been preaching.  Ben and Lisa Awbrey live in Kansas City, where he now teaches, and we enjoy their fellowship often.  While pastoring in California Ben taught homiletics at the Master’s Seminary and […]

Feed My Sheep

The subtitle is: “A Passionate Plea For Preaching.”  Eleven authors, mostly of a Reformed persuasion, contributed to this book (Mohler, Boice, Sproul, Piper, MacArthur).  I enjoyed the book (and quoted it in this month’s article) and was encouraged in many areas of my own preaching and pastoring.  Because these men are mostly Reformed and I […]

Preaching to a Dying Nation

As I said in the article, I just met Dr. Hymers and read his book on my way to California. It is a book full of quotes and stats which make for good illustration material. Hymers is concerned about what he calls “decisionism.” That is his word for evangelism aimed at decisions rather than conversion. […]

The Sacred Anointing: The Preaching of ...

To me, reading Martyn Lloyd-Jones, is much like reading J. Sidlow Baxter.  I enjoy his manner and his intensely sacred approach to Scripture, but I find him an interesting mix of Holiness and Reformed theology (he was fairly insistent on divine election but also believed in subsequent baptisms of the Holy Spirit).  Although this book […]

Pulpit Legends: Knowing the Scriptures

This is one in a series of old books reprinted by AMG Publishers, Chattanooga, TN.  It was originally written by Pierson in 1910.  It is 50 chapters and 350 pages packed full of details, topical lists, grammatical helps and interesting outlines from the Bible.   This is a great refresher course in Hermeneutics, covering topics from […]

Jonathan Edwards: the Preacher

NOTE:  In recent months I have reviewed a number of biographies.  Some have been older editions and some newer.  My objectives are these:  to be uplifted by the faith of past saints, many of whom have struggled and suffered far more than we; to notice parallels in history of circumstances and issues that we face, […]