More About ABM

by Admin

Aletheia Baptist Ministries exists for the purpose of propagating the gospel of Jesus Christ specifically by planting and/or supporting local independent Baptist churches that are fundamental and conservative in their philosophy.

Aletheia has been publishing a monthly article since 1993 with the goal of providing a resource for those who are of similar convictions. Each month an article is posted on this website along with a few book reviews. We also have subscription information for those who would like to receive a paper copy in the mail. For nearly 20 years Aletheia has been a source of encouragement, information, and exhortation through the resources provided within this publication.

In recent years Aletheia has organized several trips to the UK. These trips are put together in order to learn more about our Baptist heritage. Aletheia has also grown to include Aletheia Bible Institute. The institute is located in Kansas City, Missouri and provides the believer with a chance to deepen their understanding and use of God’s Word. Information regarding the UK trip and the institute is available on this website.

Aletheia Baptist Ministries is a ministry dedicated to helping the local church grow in maturity through its various ministries.