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Vital Church Issues

There are at least twelve books in this “Issues” series, printed by Kregel but copyrighted by Dallas Seminary.  I have reviewed quite a few of these over the years and have always enjoyed the variety they present.  They usually contain fifteen or twenty articles written by various qualified authors. This issue is devoted to the […]

Vital Christology Issues

This is the fourth in the “Vital” series that I have read.  These are reprinted articles from Dallas Seminary’s Bib Sac.  I have enjoyed every one and I think they are a great way to brush up on your rusty theology with current application.

Vital Apologetic Issues

This is the third book in the Vital Issues Series which I have reviewed.  These all contain past articles from Bib Sac and have all been excellent.  The three areas with which this volume deals are problem areas, creation science and archeology. The first section has an excellent article by Norman Geisler on Johannine Apologetics.  […]

Vital Contemporary Issues

Last month I reviewed Vital Theological Issues from this same series.  These books are a good way to bring yourself up to date on current issues.  In section one, this volume deals with moral conflicts, abortion, homosexuality, euthanasia and AIDS.  In section two, it deals with doctrinal issues such as Liberation Theology and the Signs […]

Vital Theological Issues

This Vital Issues Series is being produced by Bibliotheca Sacra, of which Zuck is the editor, and published by Kregel. This volume on theological issues proved to be well worth the investment. Many of the articles are new such as Prayer and the Sovereignty of God by John Hannah, The Doctrine of Conscience by Zuck […]