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Long Ago Told

This is the seventeenth book I have read of the nineteen that Wright wrote.  To be precise, this book was the fourteenth that he wrote, being published in 1929 by D. Appleton & Company.  Long Ago Told is one of the more rare HBW books and is worth much more than most of the others, […]

The Man Who Went Away

This finishes the 16 HBW books I have out of the 19 he wrote.  This was his last book written in 1942 about a man who owned and saved the Red Wood Forests, opting for the sublimity of the ageless past over the lurid and fast-paced future.  (I collect HBW books and am looking for […]

Ma Cinderella

From Wright’s first book, That Printer of Udell’s (1903) to this book (1932), the Ozark author completed his 16th book.  This one is typically set in the Ozark hills and involves a backwards woman (Ma) who works hard to give her son a better life, which he eventually comes to appreciate.  The morals and virtue […]


I continue with my goal of reading all of Wright’s books. He wrote his first one in 1903 (That Printer of Udell’s was Dwight Eisenhower’s initial introduction to the gospel) and his last one (19th) in 1942. I own 16 of the 19 books and this one, if taken in chronological order, is the 15th. […]

God and the Grocery Man

As I continue to read through all nineteen books by HBW, I’ve come to my first real disagreement with the esteemed author in this, his thirteenth, book written in 1927.  Wright creates a typical context of early 1900s America.  This, ironically to me, is set in Kansas City, MO and a small town northwest of […]

A Son Of His Father

This is the twelfth HBW book, written in 1925 and printed by Appleton.  It is a story set in Arizona ranch land promoting honesty, hard work, and integrity.  Such stories seem like ancient history (or maybe something from another planet) compared to today’s general reading.

Helen of the Old House

Of the nineteen HBW books, this title was the biggest deterrent to reading the book.  But since it was the next one, I read it.  But low and behold it turned out to be one of the best.  It is about market economy versus unionism; capitalism versus socialism.  And this written in 1921!  What Wright […]

The Re-Creation of Brian Kent

This is the ninth book by Harold Bell Wright written in 1919.  Though the story is set in the Ozark hills similar to his most famous book, Shepherd of the Hills, this one is not nearly as good.  Wright is always good at descriptions of nature and human nature.  Sometimes the story line is better […]

When a Man’s A Man

I have finished the eighth of nineteen HBW books.  I think this has been one of the best so far.  Admittedly, you have to like westerns and cowboys, but most of us have such a little boy inside somewhere.  The original publisher for Wright’s first nine books was The Book Supply Company.  This one was […]