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Theologies of the 21st Century

This is an update (2014) on Smith’s earlier edition, A Handbook on Contemporary Theology, published in 1992.  These are helpful summaries of various contemporary theological movements and trends.  The new version repeats some of the earlier ones with updated material, yet has new additions such as a history of theology from the Enlightenment, theologies of the […]

A Handbook of Contemporary Theology

Dr. Smith, a Southern Baptist seminary professor and former pastor, wrote this book as a textbook for his course on contemporary theology. It was a necessity as there were few, if any, texts available on the subject. As he notes in the Preface, “Contemporary does not last a very long time.” Overall, it is an […]

A Handbook of Contemporary Theology

The most pleasant surprise on the theology shelf (which is quickly shrinking into nirvana in every Christian book store!) this last year is this volume by David Smith. The sub-title is ‘‘Tracing trends and discerning directions in today’s theological landscape.’’ It is difficult enough to keep up with new theology books that cover the same […]