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Mere Apologetics

I have generally enjoyed books by Alister McGrath.  He is a professor at King’s College in London and president of the Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics.  He is basically a mid-stream evangelical who you really identify with at one point and are really frustrated with at another.  For example, in this book he is really […]

Understanding The Trinity

I generally appreciate and greatly profit from McGrath’s writings.  His Oxford Evangelicalism always seems a bit too Anglican, but on most matters of theology he has been good.  This basic book on the trinity is a book you might want to give a skeptic who is not sure whether he can believe in such an […]

I Believe: Exploring the Apostle’s Creed

Alister McGrath is an Anglican who writes often on Reformation theology and related issues. This is a small book that reads like a primer on the Christian faith using the Apostle’s Creed as an outline. It is loaded with good illustrations about basic doctrines as well as simple explanations of the meaning of biblical words […]

Luther’s Theology of the Cross

The title of this book would not have been inviting to me except for a desire to understand the biblical concept of being crucified with Christ.  Whether or not one is a fan of Lutheran or Reformation theology, understanding the personal struggle of this Augustinian monk from works to grace is uplifting.   The author notes, […]