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A Systematic Theology of Biblical Christ...

I finally finished Dr. McCune’s final volume of his theology.  This volume covers Salvation, the Church, and Last Things.  The great thing about reading McCune in any subject is his unwavering adherence to a fundamental, dispensational, pretribulational and premillennial point of view.  That combination is almost unheard of these days.  Dr. McCune carries a heavy […]

A Systematic Theology of Christian Relig...

Dr. McCune’s teaching ministry at Central Seminary and Detroit Seminary has touched many lives in fundamental Baptist circles.  His solid dispensational approach to Scripture and his separatist stand for truth have kept his works relevant and timely.  This second volume to his ongoing Systematic Theology series contains the doctrines of Man, Sin, Christ, and the […]

Systematic Theology, Vol 1

Those of us who sat under Dr. McCune, whether at Central Seminary in Minneapolis or at Detroit Seminary, are glad that he is writing (my syllabus notes are getting old and tattered).  Reviewing this volume, Dr. Larry Pettegrew writes, “Highlights include a presuppositional apologetic, a single source (Scripture) as the only rule for theology, cessationism […]

Promise Unfulfilled

 Dr. McCune, former President of Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary, is a former professor of mine from Central Baptist Seminary in Minneapolis.  Dr. McCune’s study of the evangelical movement over the last thirty to forty years is well known through classrooms, lectures and writings.  It is a great help and blessing to fundamentalism to have this […]

Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal

I receive various Seminary Journals (and usually read them).  I don’t always review them as I might a book (though they are often more profitable) nor am I, by mentioning the Journal, endorsing the Seminary.  This issue of the Detroit Journal is worth ordering and reading. The first article by Rolland McCune (Seminary President) is […]