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Booklets Worth Reading

Vital Issues of the Year By RBP, Various Authors Regular Baptist Press published this booklet in 1973. It was for the purpose of keeping the GARBC churches informed of various issues at the time. They include: evangelism and missions, the ecumenical movement, the charismatic movement, alcohol, drugs, the sexual revolution, race relations, divorce, the occult, […]

The Greatness of the Kingdom

During my seminary years (1972-1975) I was assigned this book as the text for a class on the Kingdom. I think this one book did more for my understanding of the New Testament, especially the Gospels, than any other book I read during those years. That class on the kingdom was taught by Dr. Rolland […]

Freemasonry and Christianity

McClain, founder and first president of Grace Theological Seminary, was pastor of First Brethren Church of Philadelphia in 1929 when he wrote this small book.  Because there was a growing pressure for even Christians to become Masons, McClain preached a sermon on the subject and it was printed in a booklet.  These can still be […]