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How Successful People Think

 This book was loaned to me by a friend who is a avid reader (along with a number of other things to read).  I’ve not been a big Maxwell fan because I always find him more secular than sacred.  But we probably should read more things like this in our “spare reading time.”  It made […]

Developing the Leaders Around You

Traveling across Kansas I listened to this Nelson Audio Library book read by the author.  Maxwell likes to give short lists of points to remember about dozens of areas of leadership.  There are probably more than Moses gave.  These are proven management principles that he has shown work in any organization.

Born Crucified

This little book has been read by many in search of a deeper walk with God.  It is one of those books (and authors) that people either absolutely love or hate.  I think that is because it represents the thirst in America for true, Holy Spirit revival and yet at the same time is a […]