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The Origin of Paul’s Religion

I have always loved reading Machen so I couldn’t resist reading this lesser known book. Machen was assistant professor of New Testament literature and exegesis at Princeton Theological Seminary. These lectures were delivered in 1921 at Union Theological Seminary. I must confess that it is the most difficult book that I have read from Machen. […]

Christianity and Culture

On Kindle, when you finish one book by a certain author, it suggests a few others by the same author. Though I have read many by Machen, I had not seen this one. It is especially interesting to read men from a century before and see how they viewed culture (see my reviews on C.S. […]

Christianity and Liberalsim

I reread this classic work on a Kindle version.  Machen first wrote this book in 1921 when his Presbyterian church was experiencing encroaching liberalism.  It was first published in The Princeton Theological Review and was later put in book form.  The book simply moves through the subjects of man, sin, God, Scripture, Salvation, and the […]

The Christian Faith in the Modern World

I have found that anything written by J. Gresham Machen is worth reading.  I was browsing a journal about Biblical subjects when I saw a chapter from this book reprinted in that publication.  I immediately found a copy of the book on Amazon and bought it.  It was originally published in 1936 but that publication […]

What is Faith?

Machen wrote this defense of the fundamental faith of Christians in 1925, two years after his more famous Christianity and Liberalism.  If the old adage is true, “Read one older book for every two new books,” I would add “unless you read Machen.”  Then, you ought to read one of his for each modern book […]

Christianity and Liberalism

I am reviewing this 1923 book in our “Old Book Update” for a few reasons.  First, it is a classic and every Christian ought to know about it.  Machen was one of the Princeton theologians who, along with B. B. Warfield, fought encroaching liberalism in the first part of this century.  This book has been […]