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All The Days

I have read most of Havner’s books over the last few years (at least all that I could find).  I also keep some kind of “daily” reading book beside my bed which I read every night.  Havner’s All The Days was my choice for 2004.  Since Havner compiled this book somewhat later in his life […]

Three Score & Ten

I found myself reading one more book by Havner because this is his autobiography—or at least as close to one that he ever came.  He was born in 1901 and preached his first sermon at 12 years old.  He remained in the SBC all of his life and traveled among quite a list of preachers:  […]

Repent Or Else!

Although I have read a lot of Havner lately, the reason for buying and reading this book is because I have been reading some things on revival.  This is Havner’s commentary on the letters to the seven churches of Revelation.  In those letters, the Lord repeats the admonition to the churches: “Repent or Else.”  Havner, […]

Road To Revival

I have reviewed a number of Havner books this year.  His books become addictive and I find myself breezing through them in a day or so.  Most of them are a little over 100 pages and sometimes stories and sayings are repeated.  This book hit a tender note with me concerning our need for revival.  […]

In Times Like These

This is a 1969 Fleming H. Revell book.  Havner’s books often date back to the 1930s (Revell was his steady publisher).  Writing at the end of his life and seeing the postmodern turn in American Christianity beginning, Havner writes with passion and concern. He says, “There is a trend today that would put a new […]

Why Not Just Be Christians?

This 1964 book is probably more relevant today than when Havner wrote it.  Though he would be counted irrelevant today as would many of his contemporaries, he speaks as the voice of a gray hero to us. “A worried airplane passenger asked a calm fellow traveler, ‘Are you a Christian Scientist?’  ‘No,’ was the reply, […]

Rest Awhile

Two older devotional books that I found to be delightful were G. Christian Weiss’ The Perfect Will Of God and Vance Havner’s Rest Awhile. Weiss’ treatment of God’s will is unencumbered by today’s emotional, psychical style of writing on this subject.  Don’t expect too little from this old saint. He says “Unholy people are in no position to know […]