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With Reverence And Awe

My third book by Darryl Hart (and John Muether) is a welcome breath of fresh air regarding worship and at the same time an exercise in discernment.  Hart and Muether are defending Reformed/Presbyterian worship and so include and defend many things in their church services which I would not (sacraments, liturgy, Sunday Sabbath, etc.).  However, […]

That Old-Time Religion in Modern America

Hart is professor of church history and dean at Westminster Theological Seminary.  He has written also in the area of Reformed worship (With Reverence and Awe, D.G. Hart & J.R. Muether) and American church history (see last month’s Book Shelf).  Hart’s purpose in this book (2002) is to examine the influence evangelicalism has had on […]

A Secular Faith

I had not read Hart before this book, and only then because I found him quoted a lot by D.A. Carson regarding culture.  Hart, a Westminster Seminary, Harvard, and Johns Hopkins graduate  writes very fairly about conservatives in a mixed religious and secular culture.  I liked his view that the church should be kept the […]