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Truth or Consequences

The subtitle is:  the promise & perils of postmodernism.  I have enjoyed and learned from Erickson’s writings on postmodernism.  This is probably his most detailed and philosophical work on the subject.  It is not a place to begin working on the subject of postmodernism but it certainly is profitable reading for those who have already […]

Christian Theology

We mostly read dead theologians.  Millard Erickson is a contemporary theologian that many are using today because he gives current material on some old doctrines.  Long time theology professor at Bethel Seminary in St. Paul (at the completion of his theology) he now is at Baylor University’s Truett Seminary.  This large volume of over 1200 […]

The Postmodern World

Erickson is best known as a theological writer.  He has written quite a lot on postmodernism and I have appreciated what he has had to say.  This latest book (2002) is a little different approach in that he uses current scenarios to present the dilemma of our culture and then comments on each one.  I […]

Postmodernizing the Faith

This is a 1998 Baker book from a well-known theologian and author.  Erickson admits that this is not his final word on the subject and that such a response is coming in the near future.  This is a review of six leading writers on postmodernism, ranging from David Wells who adamantly opposes postmodernism as a […]

Readings in Christian Theology

For those who want to catch up or keep up on their theology (and why wouldn’t we want to study the meat of the Word?) these (three) volumes of selected writings by various theologians throughout the church age is a good exercise. Erickson (author of the most valuable Christian Theology and professor of theology at […]