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The King James Version Debate

I read this book for the first time (and a few times since, including now) the year it was published (1979) because, as a young Greek teacher, I was embroiled in this controversy. The KJV Only position escalated in the 70s but was never the fundamentalist position, especially of the movement in which I grew […]

The Cross and Christian Ministry

Carson’s expositions on First and Second Corinthians have been a blessing to me.  These come in a series of smaller volumes from Baker Books.  The title of this volume interested me and I found it an encouraging read as well as an instructive lesson on the first half of First Corinthians.  Carson often paints a […]

The Intolerance of Tolerance

The topic of tolerance is a significant issue in today’s world. Carson here provides a very helpful introduction into the discussion, a helpful critique of the “new tolerance,” and a Christian way forward. The basic idea is that what used to be tolerance was simply acknowledging someone else’s right to different beliefs or practices. The […]

From Sabbath to Lord’s Day

The subtitle is:  “A biblical, historical, and theological investigation.”  This book was published by Wipf and Stock Publishers, Eugene, OR in 1999 but was originally published by Zondervan.  It contains 12 chapters by 7 authors substantiating Sunday as the proper day for believers to worship.   It answers the most recent writers who advocate either a […]

The God Who Is There

I was first drawn to this book because it bears the same title as Francis Schaeffer’s 1968 book.  It was almost as interesting but has no relationship to it.  But I also enjoy reading D.A. Carson, a mainstream evangelical who is usually very fair to his fundamentalist brethren.  This book is an overview of the […]

Christ & Culture Revisited

It has been over fifty years since H. Richard Niebuhr published his Christ & Culture.  Carson revisits Niebuhr’s original categories of Christians within culture and pronounces them lacking for today’s situation.  Niebuhr outlined six ways that Christians have looked at culture:  Christ against culture; the Christ of culture; Christ above culture; Christ and culture in […]

Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Ch...

The sub-title is, “Understanding a Movement and Its Implications.”  It was refreshing to read a scholar like Carson hold the “Emerging Church” writers’ feet to the fire.  Carson takes the popular writers such as Brian McLaren, Robert Webber and Mike Yaconelli to task for their “nasty stereotypical” writing and for  “condescendingly dismissing” older writers who […]

Worship by the Book

Dan Lucarini’s Reading List Editor’s Note:  My friendship with Dan Lucarini began after I read his book and arranged to have lunch with him in Denver.  Not only did I discover that we had much in common in our views of church music, I was immediately taken by Dan’s humility with what God has done […]

Truth, Evangelism & the Postmodern Mind

This is a 3-tape series of messages presented at Trinity International University’s May 1998 conference “Telling the Truth: Evangelizing Postmoderns.” These messages are going to be part of a book coming out this year. You can buy the tapes through the Ravi Zacharias Ministries. Two tapes are by Zacharias and one is by Carson. Both […]