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Baptists Through The Centuries

I have enjoyed reading David Bebbington over the past few years. He is Professor of History at the University of Stirling in Scotland. In this 2010 book the author traces the story of Baptists from their first identity in England with John Smyth about 1609, to Baptists in America in the early twenty-first century. Bebbington […]

Victorian Nonconformity

This is a 2011 update of a 1992 book.  I read this edition on Kindle.  I always enjoy Bebbington on Baptist and Church history.  This book explains the reasons for “chapels” in England to be “nonconformist” (or “Dissenters”) during the late nineteenth century, the “Victorian” era.  Besides the obvious doctrinal reasons for independent churches to […]

Baptists Through the Centuries

Bebbington is a well-respected British historian. He has written a few books on the topic of evangelicalism in Great Britain and in America. This volume is an attempt to put into writing what he has taught on numerous occasions. Bebbington takes the reader through several topics driving toward an understanding of what it means to […]

The Baptists in Scotland

I have found David Bebbington an interesting and thorough historian especially of English and Scottish Baptist history.  My specific interest in this book was the beginning and growth of the Baptists in this land of Presbyterianism and Catholicism.  That beginning could be viewed from three directions.  The first, and probably the oldest, is the influence […]

The Dominance of Evangelicalism

I have been searching for a couple books by David Bebbington and this one happened to arrive in the mail first.  Bebbington is a Cambridge scholar who teaches in Scotland at the University of Stirling.  In this book he traces the rise of early evangelicalism in the UK and America during the rise of Liberalism […]