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The Last Days According to Jesus

This is a 2015 edition of a 1998 defense of preterism by R.C. Sproul. Sproul has become the most prominent defender of preterism over the last few years. He divides preterism into two basic divisions: partial and full. He describes himself and Kenneth Gentry as partial preterists, and categorizes Max R. King, Edward Stevens, David […]

And It Came To Pass

This book is a composite of articles from The Third Annual C.E.F. Symposium on Preterism. It is fowarded by R.C. Sproul, the most well-known preterist of our day, and was published by Canon Plus in Moscow, Idaho in 1993. It is not, therefore, the most recent thing published by any means, but I don’t think […]


This is a 2017 revised and updated edition of Michael Vlach’s 2008 book. I found this to be helpful as an overview of where dispensationalism is today, and also a good source for definitions and explanations. Vlach is the theology professor at Master’s Seminary. He is a pretribulational premillennialist. He puts historical dispensationalism into the […]


I finally got around to reading this 2004 book on heaven by Randy Alcorn. I have an invested interest in heaven (and more so as the years go by) and I am interested in good material that gives me good information. I find Alcorn’s work both good and frustrating. It is good in the basic […]

The Rapture

I thought I had read everything that Charles Ryrie had written but when a lady in our church was giving away some of her old books I saw this 1981 copy and realized I had never read it. Ryrie wrote this as his answer to Robert Gundry’s 1973 book The Church and the Tribulation, on […]

Christ’s Prophetic Plans

This is a 2012 book edited (and contributed to) by John MacArthur and Richard Mayhue. It is a good book and a great help in supporting “futuristic premillennialism.” The first two chapters are also a defense of dispensationalism and there is a chapter defending a pretribulational rapture. In addition there is a chapter on why […]

Prewrath: a very short introduction

Alan Kurschner, writing in 2014, has restated the prewrath view which was made popular in 1990 by Marvin Rosenthal in his book, The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church, and also by Robert Van Kampen’s 1992 book, The Sign. Kurschner has become a popular representative of this unique view. Basically it is a redefinition of the “Day […]

Readings in Christian Theology, Vol. 3

It was in 1994 when I read two and one half of this three-volume set, edited by Millard Erickson. Now in 2020 I picked up the third volume and finished it. This third volume has three parts to it: New Life in individual experience, in collective expression, and in future extension. It was the third […]

Entrance Into The Kingdom

Robert Govett (1813-1901) was a British theologian and pastor of an independent church, Surrey Chapel, Norwich, Norfolk, England.  This book is a reprint by Schoettle Publishing Company in 1978, first written in 1853.  Schoettle seems to be a recent publisher that prints books about the millennial kingdom.  Some noteable authors are Philip Mauro, George N.H. […]

A Big Wall with a Beautiful Gate

(On the final day of the month.  Reading the last chapters of Revelation.)  In the last two chapters of the Bible, Revelation 21 and 22, God describes the final country (or city if you will) that is to be built.  A city “foursquare.”  A city that would be about half the size of the continental […]