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Dispensationalism Revisited

Edited by Kevin Bauder and Bruce Compton, this 2023 publication from Central Seminary Press is the best review and defense of dispensationalism in the last few years. After reading so many opinions and critiques of the subject, this book felt like meeting with an old friend and walking for a while. Yet at the same […]

Finding God’s Will?

Shane Belding Book

Kevin Bauder wrote this small book in 2021 on God’s will. I think it is a great help to pastor’s and church people alike. Bauder believes that we cannot look for miracles, signs, or even fleeces, but we can look for God’s providential guidance. God does have an individual will for each believer but it […]

Heart, Soul, Might

In 2012 the Central Seminary faculty with Kevin Bauder wrote and published this book.  The subtitle is “Meditations on knowing and loving God.”  I found it to be inspiring and informative.  It is not specifically a theology book on God, nor an answer to critics.  Rather, it is a series of short essays on topics […]

One In Hope And Doctrine: Origins of Ba...

One In Hope And Doctrine:  Origins of Baptist Fundamentalism 1870-1950Kevin Bauder and Robert Delnay have delivered a long awaited story of fundamentalism written by fundamentalists. Both men are contemporaries and well known among today’s associations, fellowships, schools, and churches. The book is a 2014 Regular Baptist Press volume. If the book has a primary focus […]

Baptist Distinctives

We welcome new and fresh writing on Baptist polity.  Kevin Bauder is research professor  of systematic theology at Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Plymouth, MN.  The more Dr. Bauder writes, the better it is for fundamental Baptists.  Bauder departs from the traditional acrostic outline for Baptist distinctives and presents the material in six divisions as […]

The Spectrum of Evangelicalism

This new and interesting volume in the Counterpoints series includes a section on Fundamentalism by Kevin Bauder, past president and current research professor at Central Seminary in Minneapolis.  It is not often that a real fundamentalist is asked to participate in this kind of format.  Kevin, my personal friend and past classmate, does not disappoint […]