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Awakening the Quieter Virtues

Gregory Spencer, professor of communications at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA, is a writer I wasn’t familiar with but the title of his book intrigued me.  When I glanced at the contents, I knew I wanted to read the book;  discernment, innocence, authenticity, modesty, reverence, contentment, and generosity.  I thought that Spencer was fairly […]

The Hole In Our Holiness

I was attracted to this book because of its title, then I thought it might be a Reformed position only on holiness, but then I was pleasantly surprised by reading the entire (but fairly short at 150 pages) book. DeYoung does a good job of encouraging Christians to seek holiness in their lives, and at […]

Marijuana and the Christian

The culture in America is changing quickly, and not necessarily for the good. Christians generally agree that issues such as abortion, pornography, or same-sex marriages are immoral, unbiblical, and harmful to society at large. Not all agree about substance abuse in areas such as alcohol, tobacco, and drugs like marijuana. Churches have long had to […]

The Christian and Carnality

 John Flavel, a fifteenth century Puritan wrote, “Carnal men rejoice carnally and spiritual men rejoice spiritually.”1 The human nature seems to have the ability to sanctify itself, whether right or wrong.  The Corinthians were especially good at it, even “glorying” in their toleration of sin (1 Cor. 5:6).  Paul was hindered in writing to them, […]

Law and Grace

This new book by Dr. Houghton is a long-awaited and welcomed addition to the important issue of law and grace in the believer’s life.  It could as well have been titled, “Law, Gospel, & Grace” because that is the three-fold division Dr. Houghton suggests as a Dispensational solution to the confusion over law and grace, […]

The Christian and Amusements

Biederworlf was a well-know Presbyterian fundamentalist at the turn of the century.  He once headed the Winona Lake Bible Conference (1922) and taught at Winona Lake School of Theology (1922-33).  A study like this from a generation gone by (1907) is always a cultural reminder of how much the church has changed.  His three subjects […]

Stand for the Truth

This Sword & Trowel booklet is a 2009 reprint from a 1996 edition.  Masters calls for a Biblical separation from apostasy and from worldliness.  He uses the term “evangelical” to refer to those who are truly saved; have had an evangelical conversion experience.  He takes sharp issue with those who have called Roman Catholics ‘brethren,” […]