“Lust is impure because it is unbelief, and therefore it is to be shunned.  No sacrifice is too great if it enables us to conquer a lust which cuts us off from Jesus.  Both eye and hand are less than Christ, and when they are used as the instruments of lust and hinder the whole body from the purity of discipleship, they must be sacrificed for the sake of him.  The gains of lust are trivial compared with the loss it brings—you forfeit your body eternally for the momentary pleasure of eye or hand. When you have made your eye the instrument of impurity, you cannot see God with it.”

Bonhoeffer, The Cost of Discipleship, p. 132.


The Cost of Discipleship

After hearing this book quoted regarding “cheap grace” so often (even by Swindoll on Grace) I decided I wanted to read it cover to cover and see for myself (I used it in this month’s article).  I would say that more people who quote it should read it.  …