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Thank you for your interest in supporting this ministry!  Tax-deductible contributions (a check payable to “Aletheia Baptist Ministries”) should be sent to:

Aletheia Baptist Ministries
4016 NE 57th Terrace
Gladstone, MO 64119

If you would like to receive our monthly Aletheia article please send your request to the above address or send an e-mail request to:

I would like to thank all of you for reading this paper and also for your end of the year gifts which you have so generously given throughout the years.  We have never wanted this to be a support ministry that takes needed money from church budgets.  We have always been able to print and mail this paper because of your freewill gifts.  Thank you!

Rick & Ann Shrader
Matt & Tarah Shrader

**Please contact our office ( if you have any questions about ministry support.