Author: Tozer, A.W.
Genre: Theology - Ecclesiology
Tags: Worship / Music

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

This volume was also printed by Christian Publications, but in 1985. I purchased both volumes by Tozer recently. Some of the material I have read in his other books, much of it is taken from his sermons and has not previously been in book form. Though Tozer’s CMA background is heavily felt throughout his books, it is an emphasis that is more needed than not in our day. Anyone who is vexed by the shallowness of much of today’s worship will feel encouraged by Tozer’s thoughts on worship. I sat under one teacher who had heard Tozer preach and his comment was that power in the pulpit was still a possibility. RCS

Quotes from this book:

A.W. Tozer on Blood

“I assure you that I would not knowlingly spend an hour in any church that refuses to teach the necessity of the blood atonement for sin through the cross and the merits of the death of our Lord Jesus Christ.” A.W. Tozer, Whatever Happened To Worship?, …