Author: Caner, Ergun & Emir
Genre: Cults
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This is an excellent book to help non-Muslims better understand the history, nature and tenets of Islam.  While the writing is a little disjointed at times, it does help those not familiar with true Islam to better grasp its realities.  Raised Muslim, the Caner brothers converted to Christianity as teenagers.  Both became pastors, earned Ph.D.’s and are now teaching in Baptist Universities.

Ergun taught at The Criswell College and now is a professor of Theology and Church History at Liberty University.  Emir is currently an Associate Professor of Church History and Anabaptist Studies at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

When the three Caner brothers accepted Christ as their savior, their father disowned them; they never saw him again until four days before he died.  According to hadith 9.57, all three brothers should have been killed for their defection from Islam.

While there are peaceful Muslims, as noted in the book, and while the brothers’ hope is for peace with Islam, their conclusion is that “Military warfare is an absolute necessity if Allah is to be honored and worshiped” (pg 185).

“And slay them whenever you catch them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out, for tumult and oppression are worse then slaughter”  (surah 2:191).

Regarding the destruction of The World Trade Centers:  The authors… assert that Islam does in fact have an essential and indispensable tenet of militaristic conquest.  The terrorists were not some fringe group that changed the Qur’an to suit political ends.  They understood the Qur’an quite well and followed the teachings of jihad to the letter (pg 184).

When the Caners first began teaching and preaching the militaristic nature of Islam, “our loudest detractors tended to be Christians, who did not believe that we understood the protocols of jihad and the beliefs regarding the Islamic martyr’s eternity.”  It is a worthwhile read by authors who lived it and were raised according to devout Islamic teachings prior to their conversion.  It will also help one understand why Osama Bin Laden considered 9/11 to be one of the premier Islamic evangelistic events in history.

Reviewed by Donald R. Shrader

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