Author: Daman, Glenn
Genre: Theology - Ecclesiology
Tags: Church

Admin‘s Review:

(reviewed by Don Shrader)

The book begins with an amusing allegory about two combines, contrasting the megachurch with the small “hub and spoke” church. I am sure the megachurches will take great umbrage at the analogies. While the book has a lot of good things to contemplate with respect to ministry and the church, Daman falls into the trap too often of advocating the very methods he assails in his allegorical introduction. For instance in his section, “Building Toward Effectiveness,” Step One is “Understand-Know the Culture,” a.k.a. Rick Warren. I made this step six of five in my copy of the book. To me, we only need to know the culture so that we can prepare the saints within the church to withstand and confront the culture during their daily lives, not so that we can adapt the church to attract the culture (i.e. being relevant.) Much of the book has good instruction toward building a biblical church, small or otherwise.

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