Author: Whitley, Elizabeth
Genre: Biography
Tags: Church

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

This is a powerfully written history of the life and career of the spiritual father of the Church of Scotland (Skeffington & Sons, London, 1960).  Knox, of humble birth in Haddington, Scotland in 1513, would live in one of the most tumultuous times of English-Scottish history.  A converted Catholic (and life-long deadly foe), Knox was taken prisoner as a young man and was a galley slave for two years.  Upon release, he lived for many years in Geneva learning from Calvin, while “Bloody Mary (Tudor)” reigned in England and Mary of Guise reigned in Scotland.  The winds of Reformation, however, soon spread to England and Scotland and Knox was the key figure in Scotland, at the Church of St. Giles, Edinburgh, converting Catholic churches into Protestant “kirks” which, in time, became the Presbyterian “Church of Scotland.”

Quotes from this book:

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