Author: Jeremiah, David
Tags: Parenting / Family

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

David Jeremiah wrote this book in 2008. As I read it in 2020 I sometimes smile at the amount of change that has taken place in these twelve years and pressure that has been added to families and kids. But I also am thankful for good reminders of eternal truths from God’s Word that do not change over the generations and years. This book is full of personal illustrations and anecdotes and also familiar references to pertinent Sciptures. When describing their first child, he wrote, “When God gives you such a blessing, you become its steward. Ask God to help you put your arms around him or her. Not just parental arms, but grandparental arms too. And the arms of brothers and sisters and uncles and aunts and nephews. Use all those embraces to love that child and guide that child and give that child the best possible opportunity to know God and to love God, and ultimately to bless others.” This is the essence of the book.

Quotes from this book:

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