Author: Hendricks, William
Genre: Theology - Ecclesiology
Tags: Church

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

Churches all across America are doing their best to attract new members through the front door, but at the same time are losing thousands every week out the back door. In his book, Hendricks presents sixteen cases of people who have become disillusioned with the church and have left for various reasons.

While the largest portion of his book is devoted to these case studies, the primary purpose of this book is two-fold. First, is to help the reader understand some of the underlying issues of why people are leaving the church. The second is to encourage the potential dropout by helping him realize that as a church member, he has certain responsibilities in the local church.

Hendricks concludes his book with the proposition that in most cases, losing members can be prevented. Reading this book will at times tear your heart out as you see the hurt people have been through; irritate you as you see the shallowness of some people’s Christianity; but in the end will definitely encourage you to grow in your own walk with God.

Quotes from this book:

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