Author: Keyes, Dick
Genre: Christian Living
Tags: Christian Living / Cross / Discipleship

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

This is a 1999 Baker Book by a former associate of Francis Schaeffer at the L’Abri Fellowship. The description of Chameleon Christians is only half the analogy. The other half is of the Musk Ox Christian. The Chameleon becomes exactly like his surroundings in order to protect himself, the Musk Ox retreats into a closed society to protect himself. Keyes says both are wrong.

The book has an excellent section on Relativism and its modern-day expressions. I felt Keyes overstated the case against “tribalism,” his term for the Musk Ox phenomenon. In stressing the extreme position of a church never wanting to reach out of its safe environment to a lost world, he almost ignored the fact that the church IS a safe retreat from a spiritually dangerous world. But this is a typical caricature made often these days. The book is easy to read and profitable. Thanks to Dr. Hunter Sherman who gave me a copy!

Quotes from this book:

Dick Keyes on Community

“When the idea of community is in vogue, people tend to use it as a subtle replacement for God.  They derive meaning from their involvement with a community, whether church-related or not, instead of from God himself.” Dick Keyes, Chameleon Christianit …