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Discovering Dispensationalism

This is a recent book (2013) edited by Cory Marsh and James Fazio.  It is a good book on the history of dispensationalism that confirms that dispensationalism did not begin with John Nelson Darby (1800-1882) although Darby did organize and systematize it. This book begins with the church fathers and follows church history, in 13 […]

Covenantal and Dispensational Theologies...

This is another “Views” books which gives the reader four different views on a subject.  This is also the second of such books I have reviewed this year. This volume covers the same topics as last month’s book but by different well-known authors. Covenant Theology, by Michael S. Horton, the J. Gresham Machen Professor of […]

Perspectives on Israel and the Church

This is one of many “Views” books which give the reader four different views on a subject.  This volume (2015) concerns the views on covenant theology and dispensational theology with a newer variation of each. The Traditional Covenantal View, by Robert L. Reymond, professor of Theology emeritus at Knox Theological Seminary. Covenant Theology has been […]

Dispensationalism Revisited

Edited by Kevin Bauder and Bruce Compton, this 2023 publication from Central Seminary Press is the best review and defense of dispensationalism in the last few years. After reading so many opinions and critiques of the subject, this book felt like meeting with an old friend and walking for a while. Yet at the same […]

Dispensational Hermeneutics

This is the latest book (2023) by Michael Vlach. This is a companion volume to his small book (both books are around 100 pages) Dispensationalism (2017). To a knowlegable dispensatinalist this book would be standard hermeneutical fare. Yet I found it refreshing because he interacts with current trends such as Progressive Covenantalism and Replacement Theology. […]


This is a 2017 revised and updated edition of Michael Vlach’s 2008 book. I found this to be helpful as an overview of where dispensationalism is today, and also a good source for definitions and explanations. Vlach is the theology professor at Master’s Seminary. He is a pretribulational premillennialist. He puts historical dispensationalism into the […]

Progressive Covenantalism

This 2016 book, by two Southern Seminary professors and eight other writers, explores the new challenge to traditional Covenant Theology.  There are ten chapters, or topics, discussed but Brent  Parker’s chapter on “The Israel-Christ-Church Relationship” is the clearest section of the book in defining just what Progressive Covenantalism is.  He writes, “Progressive Covenantalism argues that […]

Dispensationalism Before Darby

The title of this book  invites you to read it.  The common complaint about dispensationalism is that it began 150 years ago with John Nelson Darby.  Watson gives abundant historical fact to the contrary.  William Watson is Professor of History at Colorado Christian University.  He received his B.A. in History from California State Polytechnic University, […]

The Greatness of the Kingdom

During my seminary years (1972-1975) I was assigned this book as the text for a class on the Kingdom. I think this one book did more for my understanding of the New Testament, especially the Gospels, than any other book I read during those years. That class on the kingdom was taught by Dr. Rolland […]

Wrongly Dividing The Word of Truth

Ironside wrote this book with its unique title in 1935 (the same year he preached the funeral of Billy Sunday at the Moody Memorial Church in Chicago which he pastored from 1930 to 1948.   Some have thought that the title indicates a rebuttal of dispensationalism when in fact it is a rebuttal of ultradispensationalism and […]