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The Creedal Imperative

I profited greatly from reading this book, and usually any book by Trueman, even though I am not in the same denomination or “confessional” tradition as he. Trueman is Professor of Church History at Westminster Theological Seminary, and also a minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. He describes himself as a “confessional” Presbyterian and dedicated […]

The Creedal Imperative

Trueman’s books have appeared here several times. Those reviews all note his English humor, his sharp historical mind, his willingness to call out contemporary evangelicalism for being too quickly taken by contemporary culture and its pressures, they all call for a deeper understanding of historical theology, and they have all been reviewed positively. Put in […]

The Wages of Spin

I have read and enjoyed another Carl Trueman book. As a professor at Westminster, Trueman is a Reformed theologian and historian. However, almost all the books I’ve read by him are directed more at cultural issues and only slightly affected by his theology. In this book are two sections examining two Reformed theologians, J. Gresham […]

Fools Rush In Where Monkeys Fear To Trea...

I found Trueman as an author not long ago and have thoroughly enjoyed him.  I read this delightful book on my Kindle, then I bought two hard copies and have given them both away.  Carl Trueman is an Englishman by birth and now teaches at Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia.  He is typically Reformed in his […]

Reformation Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

I had not read Trueman in book form before this.  I enjoyed it and found him (a British professor and author) to be conservative and to the point.  To the contemporary evangelical scene he says, “A movement that cannot or will not draw boundaries, or that allows the modern cultural fear of exclusion to set […]

Histories and Fallacies

The subtitle of this book is: Problems faced in the writing of history. It is just as helpful to consider the information in this book when reading history so that you can have a more discerning eye. Trueman is one of my favorite commentators on historical issues ranging from the Reformation to contemporary evangelicalism. He […]