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Church History in Plain Language

This is a 1995 edition of the 500 page book (Word Pub) by Shelley, professor of church history at Denver Seminary.  Once I got over the initial change of reading history written in a more relaxed style, I enjoyed and learned a lot from the book.  There were times when I would have wanted the […]

The Gospel and the American Dream

The more I read Bruce Shelley the more I like him. Dr. Shelley is the long-time professor of church history at Denver Seminary. This book is the best I have read yet. It addresses the question of why this generation is the way it is and gives a historical perspective of how the church has […]

The Consumer Church

The sub-title to this timely book is “Can evangelicals win the world without losing their souls?”  Bruce Shelley, professor of church history at Denver Seminary, has proven to be a challenging writer to our generation.  This book is no exception.  In the midst of an avalanche of mediocre books dealing with the church of the […]