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Thirsting for Authenticity

It has been my privilege to read the manuscript for Dr. MacLachlan’s new book.  The book is now available and can be ordered on Amazon for a moderate price.  There have been many books written on the condition of the church in today’s culture.  Many are good and helpful and many fall short of being […]

The Bible Version Debate

Reading Dogged Issues During Dogged Days   From The August 1997 Issue of Aletheia. The habit of reading is absolutely critical today, particularly for Christians.  As television turns our society into an increasingly image-dominated culture, Christians must continue to be people of the Word.  When we read, we cultivate a sustained attention span, an active […]

Reclaiming Authentic Fundamentalism

It was refreshing and stimulating to read a book on Fundamentalism by a fundamentalist whom we all know well. We don’t seem to mind the pointed corrections when they come from one of us. McLachlan does a good job of putting his finger on the problems of a powerless ministry and outlining biblical solutions which […]