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The First Fundamental: GOD

I’ve always enjoyed Robert Lightner’s books.  I bought this 1973 edition in the FaithBaptist Bible College bookstore on the markdown shelf.  The bonus is that this book is personally signed by Lightner and adressed to George Houghton, and also has Dr. George’s signature in it.  I tried not to mark it up too much.  How […]

The Savior and the Scriptures

Here is a good read from a generation ago on the inspiration and infallibility of Scripture and the battles that have been fought over the last 100 years.  Lightner wrote this in 1966 and updated it in 1978.  At the time he was professor of Systematic Theology at Dallas Seminary as well as an outspoken […]


I decided to go back and read this 1978 book thinking it would be an interesting parallel between what happened within evangelicalism in the 50s to the 70s and what is happening today within fundamentalism.  It was indeed very interesting.  Many of the same reasons that caused the neoevangelicals to leave evangelicalism are being repeated […]

The God of the Bible and Other Gods

Lightner is not a stranger to apologetic books. This is a 1998 writing which validates the Christian faith against other contemporary views. It reads like a refresher course on the major doctrines and I think would be a good book to start a new believer out on. It includes a section, along with helpful charts, […]

Handbook of Evangelical Theology

This is a recent book (1995) by Lightner, long time professor of systematic theology at Dallas Seminary.  It is a progression through the major areas of theology, each including a historical perspective, a positive statement of the doctrine and an update on areas where today’s Christians differ.  It is very helpful in presenting the latest […]

The Last Days Handbook

The stated purpose of this book is to ‘‘ease the tensions and strengthen ties among (conservative) Bible believers.’’ Lightner surveys evangelical positions regarding eschatology to help us understand the differences we hold as millennialists. He notes that ‘‘evangelicals simply have too much in common to lose to the opposition because of our differences in eschatology.’’ […]