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Full Assurance

Who hasn’t enjoyed and profited from reading Dr. Ironside? I pulled out this 1937 book on salvation and assurance and read it along with some other newer books on the subject, and this one was the best. Typical of older evangelists, Ironside fills the book with personal anecdotes but also with much scripture. His chapters […]

Not Wrath But Rapture

I ordered and read this short book by Ironside on Kindle.  Personally I love to read Ironside and have learned much from this solid Bible teacher of a generation ago.  Ironside was a dispensational premillennialist and a pretribulationalist.  His comments in this short book are good and consistent about the rapture.  The one oddity that […]

Wrongly Dividing The Word of Truth

Ironside wrote this book with its unique title in 1935 (the same year he preached the funeral of Billy Sunday at the Moody Memorial Church in Chicago which he pastored from 1930 to 1948.   Some have thought that the title indicates a rebuttal of dispensationalism when in fact it is a rebuttal of ultradispensationalism and […]

Holiness, The False and the True

I have found that reading Ironside on biblical subjects is a rewarding thing (we are all familiar with his commentaries).  Ironside was converted in the Holiness movement of the Salvation Army.  He quickly became a student and then a teacher in the movement.  He retained the zeal found there the rest of his life.  The […]

The Four Hundred Silent Years

I bought this 1914 volume (Loizeaux Brothers) in a used bookstore some time ago and had put it aside. Since I was asked to teach a module on The Silent Years, I pulled out this old book and read it. What a blessing! Ironside pulls together a cohesive progression of events and people that takes […]