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Law and Grace

This new book by Dr. Houghton is a long-awaited and welcomed addition to the important issue of law and grace in the believer’s life.  It could as well have been titled, “Law, Gospel, & Grace” because that is the three-fold division Dr. Houghton suggests as a Dispensational solution to the confusion over law and grace, […]

Biblical Separation

Regular Baptist Press has published a second edition of the late Dr. Ernest Pickering’s 1979 classic on separation.  The new edition has updated some of the language as well as the footnoting to today’s style and information usage.  Dr. Myron Houghton, senior professor and department chair of systematic theology at Faith Baptist Theological Seminary, has […]

Charismatic Confusion

Dr. Pickering wrote this book in 1976.  Regular Baptist Press printed a 1980 edition and recently in 2006.  All non-Charismatic believers need to have a good grasp on why the miraculous gifts ceased with the passing of the Apostles and the completion of the New Testament.  This is best done by a fundamental and dispensational […]