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This Little Church Stayed Home

This is the sequel to Gary Gilley’s first book, This Little Church Went To Market.  I’ve met Gary and have observed that his heart and life are consistent with the words of these books.  This second book does three things:  It reviews postmodernism and shows its continuing influence on our lives; it presents a scriptural […]

This Little Church Went To Market

This is the second book I’ve read (and reviewed) by Gary Gilley.  In This Little Church, Gilley evaluates the contemporary church movement primarily from his own background and familiarity with psychology.  He finds the methodology and motivation of the contemporary church almost identical if not primarily borrowed from the world of psychology.  Our society is […]

I Just Wanted More Land

I met Gary Gilley recently and became acquainted with his writings.  He also wrote, This Little Church Went To Market: The church in the age of entertainment.  I Just Wanted More Land is a critique of The Prayer Of Jabez by Bruce Wilkinson (see my short review on our web site).  Gilley is right in […]