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Killing Patton

I have purposed to read all of the O’Reilly “Killing” books. I have enjoyed all of them except Killing Jesus. Having taught Life of Christ for years I simply couldn’t look at a human-only Jesus with any satisfaction. But besides that one, I have enjoyed the books. This was my favorite because I’ve always had […]

Killing Jesus

This book should be looked at from two points of view.  First of all it is an interesting history of the times in which Jesus lived.  I found the other “killing” books (Lincoln & Kennedy) to be interesting history as well (I’m not sure whether O’Reilly or Duggard is the historian).  The book is filled […]

Killing Kennedy

I am reading the trilogy by O’Reilly of Killing Lincoln, which I enjoyed very much, Killing Kennedy, which I finally enjoyed at the end, and, later this year, Killing Jesus, which I am in doubt about.  Kennedy was a unique American President, of which there is no doubt.  He was the first Catholic president coming from a well-to-do […]