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Four Views on Eternal Security

Reading on Eternal Security is basically reading on Sanctification and Perseverance. The main question is whether one can lose his salvation or whether he will persevere to the end and be finally saved. However, this also must include, at least to some degree, how a person views Calvinism and Arminianism and the related doctrines. The […]

Five Views on Sanctification

Stanley Gundry is editor of this volume and the “Counterpoints” series.  This volume was first published in 1987 but continues to be relevant to any age.  The five views on sanctification are the Wesleyan, Reformed, Pentecostal, Keswick, and Augustinian-Dispensational perspectives.  John Walvoord wrote the dispensational perspective and gives the traditional point of view from that […]

The Spectrum of Evangelicalism

This new and interesting volume in the Counterpoints series includes a section on Fundamentalism by Kevin Bauder, past president and current research professor at Central Seminary in Minneapolis.  It is not often that a real fundamentalist is asked to participate in this kind of format.  Kevin, my personal friend and past classmate, does not disappoint […]

Exploring the Worship Spectrum: 6 views

This is one of the Zondervan “Counterpoints” books (2004).  The editors take the latest forms of evangelical worship and have six different proponents defend each one and the others give a critique.  The are:  Formal-liturgical worship by Paul Zahl, an Episcopal rector; Traditional hymn-based worship by Harold Best, retired music professor from Wheaton College; Contemporary […]