Kindergarten Supplemental Materials


If you are preparing to send your child to kindergarten this fall, you may want to obtain some supplemental materials to have on hand if your child needs additional practice or perhaps additional activities to keep him from becoming bored. The following is a list of materials taken from Bennett’s book, What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know: magnetic letters and flash cards for alphabet and beginning words, software such as Alphabet Blocks and Beginning Reader (Sierra), alphabet books like A Was Once an Apple Pie, Alphabears, On Market Street, Bob Books, More Bob Books, and Even More Bob Books. Ladybug magazine contains activities for the four to six year olds and great read aloud stories. There are also numerous magazines and books of the same level on store shelves. Take the time to find one or two which your child might get used to working through once a month as an additional activity. Of course, you’ll want books of poems, fables, and stories with a point, all of which are numerous in any bookstore. Supplement the history and geography lessons with special emphasis on the many holidays like President’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, and all that you can teach your child about those. In math, Bennett suggests these books: Today is Monday by Carle, Too Many Balloons by Matthias, software: James Discovers Math by Broderbund, Math Rabbit by The Learning Company, and Millie’s Math House by Edmark And in science, try these books:  Animals Born Alive and Well, Chickens Aren’t the Only Ones, From Seed to Plant, Me and My Body, My Five Senses,  and What Will the Weather Be Like Today? Bennett’s book (named above) is a great extra exercise source in itself.