Fast Learners


A parent asked, “What can I do about my precocious second grader? The teacher says she gets her work done before the others and then creates problems because she is bored.” Of course, the teacher cannot attend to every child individually at all times. This is especially true of the child who does not need help, just activity. The students who are still working are much more likely to need the teacher’s help. So what can the parent of a quick child do? This is a genuine opportunity to teach independence. Purchase extra reading books, puzzle books, and workbooks that you know your child will like. Present them to the teacher for her approval in her classroom and explain that these will be for your child to use when she has completed all work the teacher assigns. Give your child these instructions: These books are for you to read or work in after you finish your assignments. Ask the teacher before you get them out of your book bag.  You may need to explain to your child that other children may want to work the puzzles and decide before the problem arises what response your child should make. Explain that the other children  must do school work first also. If you want to keep the books at your child’s desk, just ask her to say, “This is work I am doing for my mother.” Yes, this might be considered busy work. Much of that depends on what you select to send with your child. But don’t knock all busy work. Life is full of busy work, from IRS forms, to insurance and job-related forms to bank account balancing. It is necessary to teach children that some work just has to be done, like it or not.