Read the eighth chapter of Exodus to your class first. There are many lessons here, but one that is good for teaching youth is that God does not tolerate breaking our promises to Him, nor does He overlook compromise. The plague of frogs was just one of God’s punishments upon the Pharaoh of Egypt for not harkening to Moses, God’s spokesman. Note in this chapter that the plague of frogs did not actually injure a person, but created an environment most unpleasant! Think about eating your dinner with a layer of live frogs covering your plate. What would it be like to swim in a pool so thick with live frogs that you couldn’t move your arms without frogs clinging all over them? Could you walk outside if frogs covered every layer of ground? Think about walking on top of layers of frogs!

For a craft to do with this lesson, make a frog from a thin paper plate folded in half. Paint the outside green and the inside red for the mouth. Add a purple or black tongue and glue or paint eyes on the top fold of the plate. Lunch sized paper bags also make good frogs with mouths. Use these as puppets and ask the students to create a little play showing why the frogs came upon Egypt. What did Pharaoh do wrong? Why didn’t the plague of frogs convince Pharaoh to let the Israelites go? How many more plagues did God have to send before Pharaoh listened? In verses 25-29 of Exodus 8, Pharaoh tries to “make a deal” with Moses and compromise his first promise. Does this work for Pharaoh? If your church substitutes wholesome activities for Halloween, try a Plagues of Egypt party. Students may come dressed as any animal from the plagues of Exodus. They should display a badge with their “consequence” and the verse relating to it on the costume. Include frog races, serpent (snake) races (they crawl on their bellies), gnat and fly catching games (bad mitten or butterfly/firefly catchers), and tug of war between Egypt and Israel or between Pharaoh and Moses. Decorate pumpkins to look like frogs or cut frog faces into the pumpkins. Instead of scary creatures that pop out in a maze or fun house, have the plagues come out.