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The Power of a Whisper

This book is a prime example of today’s anemic Christianity trying to walk in every way except by the Word of God. Hybels gives a detailed history of his own ministry and how (he believes) God talked to him through “whispers” all along the way. This is not just the usual “I believe God was […]

Those Vision Statements

Using the word “vision” these days is like Mother Hubbard’s dress, it covered everything and touched nothing.  But once a certain tool becomes popular, everyone has to have one.  In fact, these days if you don’t have a vision statement for what you are doing, you are surely a failure, a follower, or at best […]

Experiencing God

This is one of those books, because of its popularity, you have to read in order to answer the questions and comments about it.  Experiencing God is now a seminar course, a tape series, a workbook and even a study Bible.  My comments are in a positive and negative form. Positively.  Blackaby (the primary spokesman) […]


I just read this 1947 book by Lewis as a part of a study on present day Charismatics. Among more recent books on the miraculous, this was a pleasant discovery and a refreshing engagement. Though you have to read Lewis in low gear, the slow journey is always worth it.   Chapter fourteen, ‘‘The Grand Miracle’’ […]

The Power of Vision

I have profited from George Barna’s books that have dealt with statistics and polls concerning the church in this decade.  That is obviously his field. Barna made an attempt with this book to deal with the topic of vision from a biblical perspective but, I think, unsuccessfully. Actually the book comes from more of a […]