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I continue with my goal of reading all of Wright’s books. He wrote his first one in 1903 (That Printer of Udell’s was Dwight Eisenhower’s initial introduction to the gospel) and his last one (19th) in 1942. I own 16 of the 19 books and this one, if taken in chronological order, is the 15th. […]

New Testament Heralds

This article appeared in the Spring 2003 (Vol 13, No. 1) issue of The Baptist Preacher’s Journal Introduction Perhaps the most seldom used title in the Bible for the minister is “Preacher.”  It translates the noun form of the word kerux (kerux) which means “a herald.”  Though the English word “Preacher” appears four times, one […]

Saving Faith

This article originally appeared in the Sept/Oct 1996 issue of The Baptist Preacher under the title, “Why are there pious pretenders in the pews?” In exalting faith, we are not immediately putting ourselves in contradiction to modern thought. Indeed faith is being exalted very high today by men of the most modern type. But what […]

Absolutely Free

Written in 1989, this book has been the declaration voice of the Free Grace Movement.  At that time Hodges was the long-time professor of New Testament Greek at Dallas Seminary.  Since his departure from that seminary he has been influential in founding and writing for the Grace Evangelical Society (GES) which advocates the Free Grace […]

Explaining the Gospel

After the recent death of Reverend Jerry Falwell I listened to an interview that a radio talk show “personality” had aired with Dr. Falwell years earlier. The talk show host had obviously never accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and from his comments had never heard of the concept. Dr. Falwell continually tried to […]

The Gospel Worthy of All Acceptation

Charles Spurgeon called Andrew Fuller the greatest theologian of his day.  Fuller pastored in Kettering and considered himself a “strict Calvinist.”  However, his associations with Ryland, Sutcliff, Carey, Pearce and Hall, led them all (all being strict Calvinists) to propose that the gospel must be taken to the heathen.  Fuller wrote this treatise in 1785, […]