A.W. Tozer on Apathy

“Dante, on his imaginary journey through hell, came upon a group of lost souls who sighed and moaned continually as they whirled about aimlessly in the dusky air.  Virgil, his guide, explained that these were the ‘wretched people,’ the ‘nearly soulless,’ who while they lived on earth had not moral energy enough to be either good or evil.  They had earned neither praise nor blame.  And with them and sharing in their punishment were those angels who would take sides neither with God nor Satan.  The doom of all the weak and irresolute crew was to be suspended forever between a hell that despised them and a heaven that would not receive their defiled presence.  Not even their names were to be mentioned again in heaven or earth or hell.  ‘Look,’ said the guide, ‘and pass on.’”

A. W. Tozer, Of God and Men, p. 139.